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Psychic Walter Zajac is a second-generation Intuitive who has gained a deep understanding of life and relationships, while living in 12 different countries, including both coasts of the United States. He has spent many years studying the works of the world's great teachers of spirituality, the spiritually powerful and amazing Law of Attraction, metaphysics, psychology, layman's knowledge of quantum physics, and he is certified as a Master in Reiki Healing.

Walter has learned from and been inspired by souls of many races, many cultures, and many spiritual paths, and he has developed highly-respected spiritual power, wisdom, and insight during his decades of life.

Walter's customers describe him as being an honest real psychic, accurate, highly perceptive, open-hearted, inspiring, wise, nonjudgmental, a wonderful listener, and sincerely loving in his Reiki Distance Healings and psychic readings.

Walter also offers dream interpretations - your dreams give you insight about yourself and your future. He has also had hundreds of dreams and visions come true. This has presented him with vast experience and understanding of dream meanings, which are unique to every person. He has also studied traditional meanings of symbols in dreams, and he uses his psychic power to tune into what you're feeling in your dream, in order to give you the clearest understanding.

Walter's Reiki Distance Healings will bring you balanced well-being, self-confidence, enhanced physical healing, creative power, spiritual power, and light-hearted energy.

Call Psychic Walter with all your questions about love, relationships, career, life choices, dreams, fulfilling your desires, and learning how to spiritually and effectively use the Law of Attraction. His answers will bring you enlightenment, empowerment, wisdom, understanding, peace, and love.

Powerful Reiki Distance Healings, Psychic Readings in Calgary
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One of the Top Psychics in North America, Psychic Readings by phone, five days a week. Professionally Certified, guaranteed results.



"I listen with all my heart, and Iwill always give you my very best !!

I wish you prosperity, true love, and sweet peace!
~ Walter

Here is testimony on Walter from Calgary and other cities - more feedback can be found on the Testimonials page:

Our conversation the other day left me with a very hopeful, calm view of the future and I slept well for the first time in a very long time. It was like chatting with an old friend. Thank you! Laura, Calgary, AB, Canada

Walter has been a breath of fresh air for me over the past year. He has guided me through many ups and downs and has done so with the utmost of accuracy! He is well worth the call! Trish, Oakville, ON, Canada

I've been speaking to Walter for the past year and he has been very helpful in my times of need. His honesty and candour are to be commended as it never helps to have someone tell you what he thinks you want to hear. His accuracy has been quite spot on in a number of cases for which I give him kudos. Danke Walter! Janet, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Wellhe pick up my situations great, and gave good advice. He's worth your call! Nancy,Quebec, Canada

As always,Walter was completely in tune. An angel on earth, Walter not only clears thefog in my mind but helps me move forward and come to a place where I am at peace, which allows me to grow and move forward. He has taught me to trust my intuition and shape my destiny. I can't say it enough, you're a beautiful soul. Thanks for taking the risk to be who you are. Sheila, Toronto, ON, Canada

Walter, I am so grateful for all your insights and perceptive observations. You are a remarkable force for good, and remind me frequently that we can proactively create whatever we want. You are a very trusted friend and I am so fortunate to know you. Valerie, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Thank you Walter, for several months now you've been a voice of reason, encouragement and always deliver excellent insight. You've kept me focused and always prove to guide me on the right path. Adam, Toronto, ON, Canada

Walter is wonderful, insightful, honest, sincere, caring, intuitive, accurate. He is absolutely worth every penny for clarity and peace of mind in any situation. Mary, Glendora, CA

I felt very comfortable with Walter. I was impressed to find out that he kept notes about our conversations and remembered me on my next call AND about the subject. I like someone who gives me the truth no matter what and not just what I want to hear. Kelly, Waterloo, IA

Walter is very gifted & caring, a combination that is especially helpful with matters of the heart. He has been so accurate with all my questions and concerns. I think he is a terrific person, intelligent and intuitively gifted!!! Not only is he professional but he is friendly and caring. Walter you are amazing!! Janni, Seattle, WA

Walter is honest, caring, and extremely gifted in his readings. The accuracy was mind-blowing! As one reader to another, you can tell when someone knows and respects his craft, and Walter certainly is one of those rare gifted ones. I really enjoyed my reading, and thank you so much for being a channel for Spirit! Blessings! Sheila, professional psychic, Washington, DC

Walter gave me an accurate and interesting reading. He was very charming and friendly. His interpretations of the cards were right on and I felt like he really cared about me and helped me to understand my reading. Andrew, Denver, CO

Walter is extremely gifted and gives an accurate reading very gently. He was right on target with the two questions that I asked, and knew much more on the subjects than even I did. Very, sweet, very friendly and professional...mostly very gifted. I highly recommend Walter. Caryn, Syracuse, NY

Clear, perceptive, accurate, detail oriented and really knows his stuff! Wise! I will call again. One of the best I've talked to. He's worth every penny. Darleen, professional psychic, Seattle, WA

PsychicWalter is a certified professional phone psychic who is clairvoyant, clairaudient,clairsentient. He is said to give excellent guidance about fulfilling your dreamsand desires, and creating the reality that you've always desired.

Walter's clientswrite that he has excellent even amazing psychic intuition and they say thathe gives loving, gentle, honest, very wise, wonderful, uplifting, simply greatadvice and guidance on your love relationship, on spirituality, money, your journeyor path, dreams, dream interpretation, partner, growth, power, inspiration, feelings,your sex life, your career path and your job as well as your life's work, findinghappiness, taking your power, on relationships in general, on romance, a soulmate, your soul, love in general, and about clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience.

Psychic Walter is described by his clients as being a very good psychic, an excellent psychic, a great psychic, a reliable psychic, a reputable psychic, a consistent psychic, a straight-forward psychic, an open-minded psychic, a compassionate psychic, a loving psychic, an honest psychic, an accurate psychic, an amazing love psychic, a wise love psychic.

Walter is a California psychic, a Los Angeles psychic, an American psychic, and an international psychic. His clients say he is an inspiring psychic, a psychic with wisdom, a psychic with impressive insight and psychic power. He is said to give great advice on life choices, wise relationship advice, and chances are very high that you will feel happy, at peace, and good about yourself by the end of your psychic reading!

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