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"Rei" means Universe, or God Consciousness.
"Ki" means Chi, or Life Force Energy.
"Reiki" means, basically, the life force energy of the universe, orof God (in Japanese).

Reiki Healing focuses this universal life force energy (Chi) on your body and your spiritual being, allowing you to receive additional life force energy, which strengthens the body and your emotional state in order to promote self-healing, it reduces stress, brings emotional balance and deep peaceful relaxation, and Reiki enables a better quality of life.
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Reiki is an ancient healing art that is similar to energy healing such as that found in traditional Chinese medicine, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Pranic Healing, and others. It is also known to be a way of gaining powerful spiritual development as well as practical personal growth.

A Reiki Master treats the fully-clothed patient by placing his hands in 12 positions along the energy pathways and energy centers (Chakras) of your body - positions that are similar to the ones used in acupuncture.

I place my hands in these positions on you in a virtual way, from a distance, using my psychic ability and the powerful Reiki Distance Healing techniques, to channel empowering nurturing blissfully euphoric healing energy into your being.

A Reiki Master does not use their human energy for healing - we channel directly from the benevolent nourishing Universal Source, the Life Force Energy of the Universe, of God.


Reiki Really Works: A Groundbreaking Scientific Hospital Study

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Reiki Distance Healing has been shown to be just as powerfully effective as in-person treatments.


"Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that most everyone can benefit from. It has been found to be effective in helping every known illness, including cancer. It may be used in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote quality of life. Reiki energy is non-invasive and safe."
~ Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard University Medical School

"Research on various types of energy work has shown that, in addition to deep relaxation, Reiki can promote a reduction in anxiety, muscle tension, and pain, can promote accelerated wound healing, and can promote wellness and a greater sense of well-being. It is useful during illness, after injuries, pre- and post-op, as well as for health promotion."
~ Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT

Reiki History:

Reiki Healing is said to have originated in Tibet several thousand years ago, and was revived in Japan in the 1800's by Dr. Mikao Usui, who devoted himself for decades to intense study of this and other energy healing arts in India and Tibet. Later, Dr. Usui's Reiki Clinic in Japan became well-known for its success with healing, and he then began to teach Reiki Healing to others.

Hawayo Takata, who lived in Hawaii and was a student of Dr. Usui's, was the first Reiki Master to bring Reiki to the Western world in the 1930's. However, not until the 1970's did she pass the Reiki knowledge on to others in the West.

Since then, Reiki has become increasingly popular and has gained ever more credibility as a legitimate healing art in the medical world, including prestigious Harvard University Medical School (see quotes above).

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How Reiki (and Distance Reiki) Works:

A Reiki Master channels and focuses the energy of the Universal Source (God, The Universe, The Creator...) on a particular place or on a situation. True health, overall well-being, and abundance, are the result of vibrant, balanced, flowing energy within you. Reiki Healings increase the amount of nourishing Source energy flowing to and through you.

As proven by quantum physics, your body, everything in the universe, is pure energy in its basic state. Reiki heals your body and your emotional being at the quantum energy level, the level where all of reality is vibration, frequency, connected to, and a part of all that is.

Reiki distance healing works as effectively as in-person Reiki treatments because Universal Energy, or God Energy, can be channeled and directed to a particular place without needing to be in that place. (That is why any good psychic can tell you how you're feeling today, what your future is, even on the phone from 3,000 miles away you.)

I use my psychic skills to magnify and intensify the healing, nourishing Reiki energy that I channel to you.

Reiki energy empowers and strengthens your body, your mind, your emotional being, your spiritual being, and it then allows you to effortlessly heal yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually, by being and remaining vividly and vibrantly connected to the Universal Source, to God.       

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What You Will Experience in a Distance Healing:

While lying down (ideal), fully clothed, a Reiki Distance Treatment will make you feel relaxed, perhaps euphoric (floating feeling), and you will likely feel tingling sensations and warmth in various parts of your body, as I use my psychic ability to place my hands on your body in some or all of the 12 Reiki hand positions, and on your Chakras, or wherever attention is needed.

This happens while you are on the phone or Skype audio (headset or on speaker)with me - or, you could also choose to simply tune in to me without actuallybeingonthephoneduring your session, if you prefer.

The experience varies for each individual and even varies in different sessionsfor the same individual. You may feel heat, tickling, movement of energy, "butterfly" sensationsin your body and your emotions, you may feel the need to release through eitherlaughter or tears, and you may even be so deeply relaxed that you fall asleep(the Healing will still work). Some people have a powerful spiritual experience.

I use my psychic power to magnify and intensify your Healing, to increasethe amount of Reiki Universal energy that I channel to you. Some have said theyfeel more energy and more healing effect from my distance Reiki Healings thanin-person treatments they have had from other practitioners.

Usually, three or more consecutive Reiki sessions are recommended for best results,but most people experience a physical and emotional "high" from havingmore life energy, more peaceful balance, as well as an improvement in their condition,even after the first Reiki Healing.

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Preparing for your Reiki Session

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"Walter is an amazing healer. He is a master at Reiki and is genuine in spirit. I never experienced such an amazing session. I highly recommend him."   ~ Dr. T, Sierra Madre, CA

Video, How To Love Yourself

How To Love Yourself

" Every human being is the author of his own health or disease." 
~ Buddha


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What does a Reiki Healing do for you?   Why have Reiki?

* Relieves pain
* Treats the symptoms and the causes of illness
* Promotes natural self-healing of injuries
* Strengthens the immune system
* Balances the energies of your body's organs and functions, to promote wellness
* Releases blocked or suppressed feelings, to promote emotional & spiritualpeace
* Enhances your ability to meditate
* Enhances spiritual growth and self-awareness and creativity

* Balances your energy centers (chakras,aura) for general Well-Being,happiness, empowerment
* Relaxes you, reduces stress
* Helps you love yourself more
* Helps you love your inner child more
* Balances & strengthens your emotional state
* Promotes self-confidence
* Promotes self-power through the power of love    

Is Reiki Safe?
Yes. A Reiki Healer channels the life-giving energy of the Universal Source, rather than using their own energy. Universal Source energy can not harm you. One of Harvard Medical School's websites states "Reiki is non-invasive and safe" (see quote and link above).

Reiki healers' hourly rates range from $30 to over $300 - why not go cheap?
A Reiki Healer who values themselves at $30 per hour will usually give you that level of low quality, likely even treating other people simultaneously during your appointment. A Healer who has devoted themselves to developing and mastering their skills and confidence
(like me) will charge you more, and they will also bring you a significantly higher, more intensely effective amount of healing Reiki Energy than the cheap version. I will focus on and treat only one individual (you) during your treatment, and use my psychic ability to magnify and intensify your Healing so you get the best possible results.  (see Reiki Testimony)

Shouldn't spiritual healing be free - why is Reiki not offered for free?

If you place no value on a thing, you have no belief that it is worth something, so it can not be of any benefit to you or to your life. If you put no value on healing you can not be healed.

** Available in U.S., Canada, U.K., Europe,
Asia, S. America, Australia ...
I will call you. Please make an Appointment.     **All  Countries List, click here

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What Reiki Does For You - Why Reiki?          Reiki FAQ         Inner Child Healing   

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