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You'll get a more accurate horoscope if you read your Rising sign, and your Moon sign, as well as your Sun sign. Here's how:

Your Sun sign represents your Self, your way of being in the world. It can represent both the ego (mental) self and the higher Self (soul purpose). It symbolizes your will and sense of vitality.
Your Sun sign horoscope will tell you what these areas of your self will encounter this month.

Your Rising sign represents your outer mask, the self you show to others. It symbolizes how you appear to others, how others perceive you, in your true interaction with the world.
Your Rising sign horoscope will tell you what to expect in these areas of your self this month.

Your Moon sign symbolizes your personal self, your feelings, your subconscious. It represents how you relate to others, how you have nurturing relationships with others, your intuition, your spiritual self, your sense of security, and your habits. The Moon symbolizes your feminine, nurturing side (we all have one).
The Moon also indicates the type of partner you will attract, since it represents your emotional self.
Your Moon sign horoscope will show you what these areas of your self will encounter this month.

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Aries  Aries Symbol (March 21 - April 19)  Fire.  Ruling planet Mars.    Top

This month, Aries, represents yet another dunking in the transformational stew that you practically swim in these days, with more to come as the year continues to unfold. You are very aware, although perhaps only peripherally, of what is going on beneath your obvious surface layers, and how much that underworld of your personality contributes to who and what you really are. This shows up in the cosmic currents swirling about you, reflecting the building power of these transformational times. Your inspirational vision is over the top, while the very way you have of putting yourself out into the world around you, its style and content, is a moving landscape that is slowly becoming more familiar. Learning and understanding are the keys that enable you to emerge from the intense trials of this year more whole than when you started.

As the month begins, you are feeling the transition into a new phase. Your way of looking at the world around you is evolving as a result of recent experiences and your responses to them, and you find yourself in another place altogether regarding your attitude toward your work in the world. If you have been dissatisfied lately, it might be that instead of simply criticizing your situation you are seeking to change it. It is odd to relate, but by a simple gesture, a figure-and-ground reversal, you might be able to find meaning in the very same activities by rearranging your point of view on what makes life worthwhile. This is a powerful month, with a solar eclipse, opposite expansive Jupiter, in your sector of unconscious process. This brings far greater attention to this unsung and little-known area of your psyche. The exploration that you are launching into contains the seeds of great and important changes within you, if you to allow them to be planted, and when you have the courage to nurture them and watch them grow.

Mars, your ruler, is changing signs this month as well, entering Sagittarius on the evening of Saturday, the 5th, during the first weekend of the month. This is the sign ruled by Jupiter, representing expanded awareness and new understanding. A few days later comes the eclipse, bringing a burst of energy for exploring unknown worlds deep within you. Later in the spring, in mid-April, Mars will retrograde there, symbolizing another profound shift in your thinking and in the system of your basic beliefs. This is therefore a foundational and exciting year for you, one in which, although what is fundamental in you remains, the structure of your life will inevitably alter. You have before you the prospect of change, and also your resistance to these changes, and you will spend much time and energy mediating between these two poles of activity.

Taurus  Taurus Symbol (April 20 - May 20)  Earth.  Ruling planet Venus.    

You are coming into your own, Taurus, and yet you are also distrustful of this same cosmic attunement. A powerful streak of idealism runs through your every thought this monthly cycle, along with practical considerations that are emphasized for you right now as well, and are very much a chime with your fundamentally Earth orientation. You are focused on a more compelling future course that matches your soul orientation, as you gain greater conscious awareness of what truly motivates you. Anything that you authentically wish for at this time is very likely to come to pass. You must, of course, back up your vision with sincerity and hard work. You are seeking commitment for a path in greater alignment with your most deeply cherished values, and this is the direction in which the universe, conspiring with your higher self, is urging you to move.

As the month begins, you are very alert to the places in your life where your changes are coming at you, as has been the case for years, now, all through the course of this fractious decade. This comes to you, in part, by a form of deep knowing, symbolized by your twelfth sector of dream imagination and unconscious process, telling you emotionally and intuitively what can never be found by means of logic alone. You are well along the course of an inner journey in transforming how you imagine the world and your pace within it, and also how you see your role in this process changing. Something within you is also holding you back from advancing, so that you feel somewhat stuck. Neptunian idealism, very activated now in your eleventh solar sector, brings a bright set of imaginative prospects into view, that also seem somehow just a bit out of focus, not actually realizable.

The solar eclipse that takes place the second week of the month indicates fresh energy for all sides of these pursuits, and also lights up your sector of societal involvement and prospective plans, bringing to you a sense of future unfolding. When your ruler, Venus, joins the Sun in this sector, on March 12th, you will have an even greater urge to make something different happen in your life. You proceed by introspective searching within yourself for better answers to fundamental questions, and by dint of earnest follow-through on this inner vision.


Gemini  Gemini Symbol (May 21 - June 20)  Air.  Ruling planet Mercury.    Top

This is an amazing month for you, Gemini, one for which your recent meditative stance over the first six weeks of the year has you well prepared. This current month, you have a solar eclipse in your career sector, opposite optimistic Jupiter. In some sense, for you right now, the sky is the limit. This is not a matter of profession only, but applies to every way that you show up in the world and exteriorize your contributions. Partners serve as mentors for this project, and their voices, although perhaps completely different in perspective from your own, act as counter-point and foil for what you bring, promoting greater awareness on your part for that which you have on offer. This gift of yourself also closely involves talents and proclivities lying deep within you. Because these rarely see the light of day, they become all the more important for you to express.

As the month begins, you are experiencing a complex call to action and activity in the world around you. This is a very mystical time. There are elements of wild fantasy present and also a conservative commitment to see your ideas through to full self-actualization — to the final perfection of such expression. It is also true that there must be a factor of deep soul purpose, or your initiative will die on the vine and never be fully accomplished. Through this timing of the first week of the month, you are preparing for the moment of the March 8th solar eclipse in your sector of career and profession, when your gifts will be more fully activated.

Your basic beliefs are now in flux, as they have been this entire this past year, or more, and partners in your life are one means by which you are able to recognize this. Partnership itself is a powerful mirror for you in these times of change, and is subject to perhaps the most major changes; as you continue to transform in this area, the value of your relationships, and their impact upon your life, are matters of great and abiding interest for you. By this means, acting on an expanded sense of yourself to do great works, a feeling that comes directly from your heart, you are arriving this month at a significant refinement of your talents, which are becoming more available to the world around you.

Cancer  Cancer Symbol (June 21 - July 22)  Water.  Ruling planet is the Moon.    

This is a month of many and varied inputs and outcomes, Cancer, as you continue this season of your life that involves deep-seated transformation of where you are coming from, and whither headed. Along with riding these cosmic currents, there is also, for you to deal with, your quite understandable holding back from commitment to major change. Although this is scary, you are, for the most part, handling the multiple tugs, pushes and pulls upon you now with an optimistic frame of mind, and heart, ready for whatever comes. It is helpful, as you go, to be content to find yourself where you really are, and not to wish for anything different. You are in exactly the right place, mentally and emotionally, as you search out the correct response, for you, to the evolutionary pressure upon you in these times of intense metamorphosis.

As the month begins, you are finding comfort in relationship matters. Partnership is for you right now both a battleground and a refuge. You have been aware, and continue to find, that your relationship dynamic is radically changing and forms a large factor in your on-going transformation. In this March timing you might also come to see the point of view that is brought by significant others, or potential partners, as fundamental to your own personal evolution. This is a time of new opportunities and also the impulse for sudden change in the way that you see the world around you, and how you act on that perception. There is a powerful feeling of idealism in your make-up now, especially as relating to beliefs and world-view, that is also somewhat foggy or confusing. Items of planning such as travel arrangements could be subject to doubts, mistaken judgments, or delays. You have a healthy dose of skepticism in your current astrological makeup, and this could actually serve to hold you back in a positive way from taking an unexpected plunge into new directions.

The March 8th Solar Eclipse is strong for your sign in particular, Cancer being ruled by the Moon. This startlingly intense configuration highlights the excitement and the sense of spiritual grounding that you currently feel, along with a degree of angst. Your concept of where you are heading is shifting this next lunar cycle, the thirty days that are initiated by this extra-potent New Moon, and you might come to recognize that as you set your priorities, you are taking your deep soul intention more directly into account.


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Leo  Leo Symbol (July 23 - August 22)  Fire.  Ruling planet is the Sun.    Top

This is the time of your life, Leo, and you want to be sure to take the fullest advantage. With the lead-up to the advent of the spring, comes a cavalcade of fresh ideas and meaningful perspectives on what you are truly up to. This is a rapidly changing landscape of possibilities and epiphanies leading you to a new way of seeing yourself and your productions as part of a larger picture of societal advancement. Your dreaminess is legendary, as well as the fundamental optimism of your approach, beginning in the second week of the month with a powerful solar eclipse in your intimacy sector. This positive and forward-going energy is however offset by a competing sense of realism and conservative holding back. Surprises abound, as you dive through this hoop of fire into what is shaping up to become your new reality.

As the month begins, you are feeling the contrast of various differing cosmic forces aligning for either greater power or else in dispute with one another, which has the effect of slowing you down and taking away the most powerful expression of your energies. The specific symbolism is Saturn in Sagittarius, a compatible Fire sign to your own, and the Sun, your ruler, in Pisces, a Water sign. The Sun is additionally to be found in close connection with Neptune, lord of the oceanic oneness of all entities, and located in the intimacy sector of your chart, concerned with deep emotions. Your surface personality fights against all this intense feeling tone, and also to the feeling of entrapment in being grounded by conservative limitation, preferring unfettered exuberance. Your deep unconscious side, however, is nourished; a constructive balance might be reachable. This is a chance therefore to merge more fully with significant others, putting ego concerns on hold as you do.

The eclipse that begins the second week of March has tons of energy and flashes of brilliance to accompany it, as indicated by the powerful presence of Jupiter and Uranus in combination, and highlighted by the energy of this extra-potent New Moon. Because the New Moon takes place in the sector of your solar chart associated with depth explorations and discovering greater intimacy, as indicated above, you are using the power of this new beginning to more fully investigate intimate connection and your own inner world. You have a strong flow of brilliant ideas and epiphanies. The transformations of this powerful monthly cycle will see you through to great changes that you have long awaited, if you let it.

Virgo  Virgo Symbol (August 23 - September 22)  Earth.  Ruling planet Mercury.   Top

You are entering into another amazing period of growth, and potentially of change, Virgo. Partnership has long been a source of inspiration, and also of confusion for you, with a good dose of transformation as well. Your own sense of artistic self-expression has been another moving target lately, with rich rewards in the offing once you see clearly what it is that you truly want, and head in that direction. Emotional instability is one term for what you have been feeling lately, although another could be — internal rearrangement of emotional priorities. You are in motion, no doubt at all about that, and unsure of where you will end up. And, in another way, this feels strangely exhilarating, like leaving the country of your birth for exotic lands and novel customs that you might, in the end, grow to enjoy.

As the month begins, you are feeling the shift represented by the recent Full Moon in your sign, from the final week of February, leading up to the subsequent First Quarter Moon of March 1st. This was a signal that partnership in your life was more fully 'up' for you, and that you would be navigating issues of relationship for the remainder of this current lunar cycle, continuing through the first week of March. This relationship emphasis has been colored these past few years by the subtle and spiritually-oriented energy of Neptune, residing in your one-on-one sector and very much activated by these recent lunations, so that there is an element of uncertainty in how you conceive the factor of partnership with significant others. You may have an idealized sense of the importance of a particular person for you, and yet along with the fantasy comes doubts about what is really going on with the way that this person shows up in your life. These conundrums are even more poignant for you over the final two weeks of the Aquarius cycle, heading into the Pisces New Moon of Monday March 8th.

This next New Moon is actually an especially powerful one for you, a solar eclipse in your opposite sign, which therefore brings relationship issues very significantly front and center. Several of the other outer planets are activated, as well as your ruler Mercury, in Pisces as of March 5th. There are definitely paradoxical elements at work here also. With Jupiter activated in your identity sector, you are quite optimistic about making things work, and yet as indicated by the presence also of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in your relationship sector, conjoined to the Sun and Moon, and opposed by Jupiter, there could also simultaneously arise doubts combined with issues of self-confidence. Your optimism is symbolically tempered, as well, by a strong presence of conservative Saturn in another key sector of your solar chart, so that you are a person of many moods and attitudes right now. This does seem to be a quite significant month for getting in closer touch with what you really want in terms of partnership connection.



Libra  Libra Symbol (September 23 - October 22)  Air.  Ruling planet Venus.    Top

Your changes are still in process, Libra, with not all the returns being in; you have the excellent chance this month to make adjustments to your approach, and thus to the eventual outcomes. The investigation of your inner world is totally up for you now. The topic of your explorations over the first half of March will relate more to your individual journey, with unexpected inputs from trusted persons in your life, that help to guide you, while the last half, punctuated by a lunar eclipse in your sign, will be the stronger experience, and filled with consequences applying to the very concept of relationship for you. This entire period is filled with intimations of what your higher self has to offer regarding your journey into the discovery of a greater sense of meaning and life purpose.

As the month begins, with something of a bang, you are feeling the heat of an extremely close aspect between your ruler, Venus, and the potent transformational energies of a highlighted presence of Pluto, residing in an important sector of your solar chart that symbolizes concerns of home and family. Your psychological home base, your physical dwelling, and what counts for you with family has been a changing landscape over these past few years, and is still evolving. Becoming better acquainted with your inner world will have a definite bearing on the issues that you are attempting to deal with, over the past year or more, and in this current month. This is an incredibly strong monthly cycle opening up for you now, that brings rich rewards to the extent that you can open to its dark message.

The highlighted presence of Jupiter, located in your sector of unconscious process, and especially strong, particularly at the time of the solar eclipse that begins the second week of the month, serves you as a guiding presence taking you further into the hidden parts of your psyche that lie behind and beyond the surface layers of your personality. This sense of inner exploration may intensify over the remainder of the month, leading up to the lunar eclipse of the 23rd.You win when you simply accept what comes to you in this way, without judgment or logic, not trying to understand, but simply to observe.

Scorpio   Scorpio Symbol (October 23 - Nov 21)  Water.  Ruling planets Mars, Pluto.   Top

This is your time to shine in your artistic self-expression, Scorpio, as you face outer-world optimism and interior shifts. Your creativity might also have to be of a special kind that takes your unconscious motivations more firmly into account. The time might be past for overlooking this little-understood and under-acknowledged part of your personality. You are riding a wave of enthusiasm that has been in symbolic chime with your ruler, Mars, in your own sign, which is a changing landscape for you over the course of a strange spring that takes you further to the inside of your psyche. In what is perhaps a logical outcome of better and more integrated connection with your own deep emotions, as you enter into new relations with your own inner world, you also forge new ties with important others in the three-dimensional outer world of your senses.

As the month begins, you are encountering, in key areas of your chart, a collision of symbolic astrological factors representing mystical realities beyond the confines and restrictions of the physical plane versus nuts-and-bolts certainties of the here and now. You are therefore perhaps feeling caught in the crossfire. There is a higher sense of integration that will allow you to synthesize these very different viewpoints, on the one hand hazy and unclear, taking you beyond the realms of ordinary life circumstance, and on the other, most definitely concrete and practical. The initial conundrum of the current month is a preview for this entire spring and summer, because your ruler, Mars, after leaving your sign, will, in time, retrograde back into it. Mars enters Sagittarius on March 5th, although only for a little while, before he stations in mid-April at the ninth degree. After retrograding back into Scorpio in late May, he stations to direct motion on June 29th. The first half of the summer months he is occupied with a return to optimistic and outward-looking Sagittarius, which he does not regain until early August. There are therefore six month ahead for you of these changes, which will likely partake of an introspective turn of affairs, beginning in mid-April with Mars' station to retrograde motion. This is true unless you are one of those rare individuals born with Mars in retrograde (already).

This month also features a solar eclipse in your sector of creative self-expression that highlights many outer planet combinations, plus a mid-month somewhat difficult alignment with Venus, the ruler of your opposite sign, bringing significant others — or potential partners — more squarely into the picture.

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Sagittarius  Sagittarius Symbol (Nov 22 - Dec 21)  Fire.  Ruling planet Jupiter.   Top

You have quite a lot going on right now, Sagittarius, as has been the case all this year. Your luck still holds. A prominent presence of your ruler Jupiter, located in your career sector, sparks your success-orientation. You might be in possession of public accolades flowing to you in buckets, recognizing that this positive factor has also largely been achieved by good old-fashioned hard work. Your communication skills are excellent right now, in spite of the serious cast of many of your observations. It is easy to get distracted by all this wonderful outer-world success, causing you to ignore private issues that have perhaps been gnawing at you from the sidelines of your attention. And yet these must factor in as well toward your triumph or you risk a hollow victory that leaves out what might ultimately count as your most important result.

As the month begins, you are finding emotional security in taking care of the myriad of details that you lately have to contend with, in terms of making it all happen in the hard-and-fast realities of the physical plane. You might be feeling that you barely get time to breathe, and much less to really feed your soul, or any other way to describe the nourishment you need, for what is transpiring for you in the profoundly mystical realms that lie within. These are of vital importance to you now as well, and it pays you to take proper recognition of this simple and inescapable fact. The Sun at the nadir of your chart symbolizes the unseen areas within you, deep inner commitments where you discover grounding and security, and where you most feel at home, psychologically speaking.

With the powerful solar eclipse New Moon taking place in the beginning of the second week of the month in your sector of home and family, this significant factor of your life experience might come to more completely dominate your thoughts and activities. Then, too, with Mars crossing into your sign just before this timing, during the weekend of March 5th and 6th, you are feeling incredibly action-oriented. Your intuition is extremely active now as well, and leads you to consider, as you plunge ahead toward further outer world success, your most profound inner needs and true goals. This is something of a paradox and a conundrum. The American poet Robert Frost perhaps put this complex issue the best, when he wrote, that "Only when love and need are one/ And the work is play for mortal stakes/ Is the deed ever really done/ For heaven and the future's sakes."

Capricorn  Capricorn Symbol (Dec 22 - Jan 19)  Earth.  Ruling planet Saturn.   

This is a pivotal month for you, Capricorn. You have an extremely active chart right now, with many positives, especially in terms of your own expanding worldview. Having gone through the recent retrograde of Mercury through your sign, from the very beginning of the year, you are engaged in getting your thoughts into order in a new way, and with renewed inner vision. Most poignantly, for you right now, the dark unknown parts of yourself are calling. The unconscious theme being softly expressed becomes loud and clear when you attune your hearing to its subtle message and half-close your eyes to see it. Your life is in obvious flux; seeking stability does not work so well for you in this timing, so that you might need to rely instead on your faith in the universe not to let you down, but rather to sustain you through stormy circumstances.

As the month begins, a strong Last Quarter Moon features the Moon in a forming conjunction with your ruler, Saturn, square the Sun near Neptune, in your learning sector, perhaps bringing disturbing ideas that you have entertained, regarding ultimate reality, to a head. On the one hand, you have been quite aware recently of the mystical side of life, symbolized by numinous Neptune, as a significant factor in accounting for your total conception of the way the universe works. This idea has been appealing to you for many months now, and is likely making certain inroads into your consciousness. On the other hand, you may have, understandably, problems letting go of a hard-and-fast concept of three-dimensionality as the entire basis for activity here in this physical plane. Although these conflicting ideas are difficult to reconcile, this month's astrology indicates that the time has come for you to try.

Over the last three weeks of the month, beginning with the impressive solar eclipse in your communications sector, and punctuated by the lunar eclipse, equally powerful for you, that follows two weeks later in your career sector, there will be a powerful impulse for making changes along the lines of where you have, all along, been heading. You are likely to make strides toward admitting the active existence of unseen presences into your life, along with aspects of the dark and hidden world inside you that reflects these, as a different order of truth than the nuts-and-bolts reality of the here and now. The vast realm that lies within you is complementary to the surface thoughts of your personality, and strange to your normal contemplative gaze, yet when accepted allows for a more complete wholeness of meaning. This can come from no other source.


Aquarius  Aquarius Symbol (Jan 20 - Feb 18)  Air.  Ruling planets Uranus, Saturn.   Top

This is the first month of the rest of your life, Aquarius. You are in the midst of a powerful resurgence of values and learning that will carry you forward through to the remaining months of this pivotal year. This is of course a continuation of where you already are, in your steep pathway of development that has continued from 2012 onward, and yet in many ways a new departure. Your transformation involves the way you see into your depths, and how you communicate about it. You are going all out for unfamiliar ramifications of self, independent of what consensus outlooks might have to say. You are also taking in the point of view of a trusted few, those that align in certain distinct ways to your own. This makes of your growth adventure a rich amalgam, when you allow this in, of joint perspectives.

As the month begins, you are feeling into the deep and rather unconscious places within you, and also sensing a stronger commitment to a planned and responsible future course beginning to emerge, one that takes your own inner values as predominant over any outer concerns, these including financial limits, or the strictures of consensus thinking. As you reflect on where you are going with your life, and why, you may be tempted to a brand of spiritual or fanciful escapism, or else to a studied commitment to the strong sense that you and only you are capable of charting the best road for your steps to follow.

The last three weeks of the month take on a different character from the first, because they follow the extremely powerful solar eclipse and New Moon in a key area of your solar chart, and in aspect to Uranus and Saturn, the co-rulers of your sign. This signals a change in your energy in favor of intuitional awareness and unexpected leaps in learning. In this significant timing, you will want to pay close attention to everything that happens to you, and to whatever ideas come to you as well. Important persons in your life have much to contribute to your own arc of development and change, especially over this latter part of the month. You are making great strides toward seizing the reins of your own power, independent of, and yet also in constructive collusion with other voices.

Pisces  Pisces Symbol (Feb 19 - March 20)  Water. Ruling planets Neptune, Jupiter.   

This is an amazing month for you, Pisces, one in which your continuing worldly success becomes a fulcrum for active alterations in self-concept, in synchronization with a notable solar eclipse in your sign. This extra-potent New Moon, made more so by its outer planet connections, takes place near the beginning of the second week of March, on Tuesday, the 8th. Leading up to this time, you are in many ways in preparation for its arrival, which you could experience as a distinct shift, favoring both the impact of important partners upon your life, and, as well, what you receive from deep intuitional wellsprings within. Your recent focus on your outer world contribution expands to your private sphere and personal proclivities where you truly find your life substance. Your concept of where you are heading, a moving target lately, transforms still further in the course of this climactic period of major change.

As the month begins, you are feeling into your self-concept, and as well a potential conflict between public and more private concerns, as indicated by the Last Quarter Moon of March 1st that emphasizes both productive and limiting Saturn, in your career sector, and your ruler, Neptune, located in your identity sector. You may be feeling that as much as you try, you cannot find sustenance for your soul in the work that you do in the world. You might be able to escape this conundrum by an attitude adjustment, whereby the work itself becomes secondary to its inner meaning, for you, in terms of relationship development and understanding.

This includes communicating with your own insides, and trusting what you find deep within yourself. You may be actively seeking real-world certitude, where as a matter of fact, none truly exists, and do better to be going for an interior mandate for growth and transformation that throws such caution to the wind, and takes the reality of change as the only certainty. This month is a volatile one for you, when many things in your life could alter.

This first week of the month also prepares the way for the extremely potent New Moon and solar eclipse in your sign, taking place on Tuesday, March 8th, opposite expansive Jupiter in your opposite sign, indicating that good fortune follows you now, partially as embodied in the deeds of trusted partners.

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The Consciousness of Movement

The astrology of March features Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, along with two extremely powerful eclipses. The March 8th New Moon and solar eclipse takes place in Pisces, near Mercury and Neptune, and makes aspects to all the other outer planets, including Saturn in mid-Sagittarius. Jupiter is also featured in the solar eclipse energy, across the Zodiac from the Pisces lineup and exactly opposed to the Sun and Moon. There is therefore an optimistic cast to this timing, and we also have the difficulty of the polarity of conservative Saturn in aspect with revolutionary and explosive Uranus, its antithesis. Uranus is still in close aspect with transformational Pluto. The Uranus-Pluto square, now fading, is still quite important as a guiding factor for this spring, and beyond, remaining with us in Spirit as we gain in awareness of the massive changes that are taking place within us, and around us. We must soldier on, aiming toward a more sustainable future, for ourselves and our culture, crowded together in the fragile and beleaguered lifeboat of this planet that we call home.

Venus is found in mid-Aquarius as the month begins, getting ready to cross into mystical Pisces on the 12th, when she will square Mars in the early degrees of Sagittarius. Mars is thus emphasized in the mid-month timing, and slowing down as well, getting ready to station in mid-April. This slowing down is making his energy more seriously available to us even now, in the latter half of the current month. There is the energy to be out and doing, represented by Mars, and yet also a way that this energy can be directed inwards, as suggested by the current emphasis on Pisces, in symbolic chime with the twelfth solar sector of unconscious process. And this is what the coming Mars retrograde suggests, as well, another introspective turn to the inside.

Saturn too is stationing to retrograde motion, and quite soon, transpiring on March 25th. This enables a strong and resistant force to even more greatly emerge: a studied avoidance of any form of change whatsoever. It is so intensely powerful that the solar eclipse Sun and Moon strongly aspect Jupiter and Saturn, in forming square alignment, and Uranus and Pluto also, the harbingers of inevitable revolutionary adjustment. With Mercury involved we are becoming even more aware of the deep necessity for massive change to take place, before we arrive, in some distant yet foreseeable future, safely home.

Mercury is conjunct idealistic Neptune in the solar eclipse configuration, signifying the emergence of greater consciousness of inner realities, and then, by the time of the mid-month quarter Moon, is to be found in direct aspect to Uranus and Pluto. This leads up to Mercury's conjunction with the Sun in the timing of the Equinoctial lunar eclipse and Full Moon of Wednesday, March 23rd, the week before the Easter holiday weekend.

We are therefore blessed with greater conscious participation in everything that is going on for us, right now, the forceful symbolism for both moving ahead, and for holding back. The ultimate outcome of this current struggle is not however in doubt. When Saturn and Uranus get into a tussle, Uranus, and the future, always win.

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