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Tips for an Excellent Psychic Reading

How to choose the best psychic for you

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1. Carefully choose your psychic. Trust your intuition - we all have intuition. You will know if a psychic feels good to you or not - choose the one that feels good to you.

2. Choose a psychic who has a Code of Ethics and be sure you agree with those ethics, and that you agree with the psychic's spiritual philosophy.

3. Choose a psychic who is honest. It will not serve you if a psychic tells you what they think you want to hear. Open your heart to hearing the truth. Only the truth will help you understand your present situation and how to create the future that you desire.

4. Do NOT choose a psychic who promises to do miracles or change your future, like making you rich or having your lover come back to you. NEVER trust a psychic that tells you there is a curse on you and offers to remove the curse if you pay them extra money. No one and nothing (including an attempted curse) can have any power over you unless you choose to give them that power. Every major religion on our planet tells us that we were created in the Image and Likeness of the Creator, Who gives us absolute free will, and that means only you are in control of your choices. Nothing and no one other than yourself has the power to make your choices, and to create your reality.Video - How To Choose a Psychic

5. Be in a spiritual frame of mind, and create a spiritual atmosphere when you call a psychic. Meditate beforehand, allow yourself to be centered, and willing to be spiritually in tune with your psychic. Be alone, without distractions (no TV, radio on, etc), and without possible interruptions, so that you can focus completely on your reading. Lighting a candle helps to create a spiritual atmosphere - I always have at least two candles lit when I'm doing readings.

6. A good psychic will focus on what's going on in your life in the present and on your choices and understandings in that present, which create your future. A good psychic will not emphasize predicting a future for you. but will tell you what your future is. Why? Because the future is never set in stone. Every religion on our planet, even most tribal religions, tell us that we are created in the image and likeness of the Creator - that is, we are exactly like the Creator. This means, if we choose to be in tune with that in ourselves, we are, just like the Creator is, all powerful, all knowing, all wise, and above all, we are also creators!! YOU create your future with every choice that you make. Quantum physics has proven that repeatedly for the last hundred years, since Einstein first said such things.

7. My psychic reading will tell you the future of the path that you are presently on, which is based on the understandings you have and the choices you've made up until the present moment - I will tell you what those are, too. If you like the future of your present path, then use the information from the psychic reading to make choices that will make your future even better for you. If you don't like it, use this information to make choices that will create a different future for yourself. You are all powerful, and you have absolute free will, and you are a creator.

8. Take notes or record your psychic reading (I can record your reading - see Prices page) so that you can refer back to the information that was given in order to use it to your best advantage. The information that comes from the spirit world in your psychic reading is not necessarily everything you've always wanted to know about yourself and your world. It is the information that the spirit world feels is what you need to know right now, in order to help you in the present.

9. Take action on the information that you get from your psychic reading. A psychic cannot create your future or solve your problems. You are the only one that has the power to do that. If you allow yourself to be conscious of the choices that you're making, to follow your heart, to be aware of the consequences of your choices, and to take action, then the information in a psychic reading can completely transform you and change your life!!

The above VIDEOS will also show you what it is like to have a psychic reading with me.

I wish you prosperity, happiness, peace, and true love!
Walter Zajac


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